Monday, December 8, 2008

An open cloud

It is encouraging that some cloud computing providers are working together toward interoperability. I spent most of my day in the Upper east Side of Manhattan at's Dreamforce event. It announced a partnership with Google and a Python library that integrates its API with Google App Engine.

Last month Saleforce announced a similar deal with Amazon for interoperability with EC2 and S3. While each company is doing something that is somewhat different and not directly competitive, they could easily have sequestered themselves into silos.

Microsoft could also partner with Salesforce, but it probably won't. Its CRM offerings are top candidates to be ported to Windows Azure, and they also compete directly with Salesforce.

While developers could technically make the services interoperable by using REST techniques, SOA and RSS, having providers developing hybrid solutions and guidance removes a significant barrier to the adoption of cloud computing. It is good to see companies working together on hybrid solutions that gives developers greater choice.

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