Monday, November 10, 2008

Merb 1.0 Arrives

All the great things Ruby on Rails does for developers don't matter much once you really start to get used to the environment. As with any piece of software, familiarity can breed contempt, and that's why there are alternative ways of doing just about everything in the development world. Hence, the release of Merb 1.0. RoR is great for getting up and running, if you want to build a MySQL-backed Web application that will be standing alone, and working only with its own data.

Beyond that, things can get sticky. Some folks have turned to JRuby to remove constraints. Others have turned to Merb. We wrote about Merb, recently, and felt it was time to bring the story back to the front page, as version 1.0 has arrived. It's the Ruby framework for folks who don't like waiting for Rails to restart.

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