Friday, November 7, 2008

Your Daily Dose of Vax

As I write this today, I am sitting in the emergency room with a friend who is horribly ill with some food-borne illness. It's not a bad place to write from: relatively quiet, cool, ample power for my laptop. There is no wireless network, but I think there's one nearby I can walk to.
Now that I have been exposed to this nasty infection, I felt I needed to apply some severe VAXinations. Thus, today, we have our daily dose of vitamin V in the form of a Vax Station 3800. this poor machine is long gone, recycled and ground up into base elements to satisfy the needs of rabid commodity speculation. The DEC Stations looked just like this machine, and all of them had little plastic skirts on the bottom hiding some non-rotating wheels. Great little computers for surfing. That's surfing as in “Standing on top of it and riding it while someone pushes,” not surfing as in “can run a Web browser.”

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